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We have designed many industrial projects for clients who are after the ultimate work space or investment. Commercial property can be a great investment if designed correctly and suited to what the area is after. 

Council mainly worry about how spaces work, car parking requirements and landscaping requirements. 

Disability access is the key to ensuring these designs work and having this knowledge from the outset can avoid timely delays for re-submissions at council.

Industrial Building & Factory Design Melbourne

A 14 warehouse development at the Greenville Business Park. 

The Creative Arch Commercial Design Process

The commercial design process of warehouses works in a similar way to town planning for residential design. 

A planning permit will be required from council and that process will be managed by our team. Usually additional documentation such as traffic management reports, waste management reports & PART J efficiency will be asked from council.

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Once a permit is issued the working drawings phase commences. This is where all reports, along with detailed construction drawings, engineering & Energy efficiency are put together for your building permit.

Contact our team today to discuss your requirements.

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